We're deeply passionate about our people, and know that it's our team who enable us to succeed every day.
We're always looking for great individuals to join our award-winning group, and come with us on the journey to connect our customers for the future.

We're committed to continuing to ensure our workplace is one of diversity and inclusion

Our teams have a dynamic range of skills, capabilities and experience, and we recognise, respect and embrace diverse qualities which are unique to individuals.

Discover more about our company culture, values, perks and benefits below.

At Cablenet, as leaders in delivering information and communication technology infrastructure, we are about supporting our people. We want our staff to bring their whole selves to work, and we support them to do this.

We're committed to empowering, engaging and recognising our teams, helping them to achieve greatness every day. We have an array of policies, and perks and benefits that help acknowledge, reward and support our staff. 

Every day perks

Our every day perks include gym membership discounts, team lunches and home alarm monitoring. Our managers are also able to recognise staff at anytime through family dinners out, and financial bonuses for stellar performance. We're committed to making sure our employees know we care.

Group staff awards

Each year we bring our teams together to celebrate the year, recognise our achievements, and honour our award-winning staff. Bringing together our staff and their families is a Cablenet tradition, and an event we look forward to hosting.


Learning and development

Building and fostering high-performing and engaged teams is something we're so proud of. We encourage regular training opportunities for all staff, as well as additional guidance for managers. Along with third-party training and apprenticeship programmes, we've invested in our own internal leadership scholarships to further develop our workforce.

Serious support

We know that it's our people who enable us to succeed everyday, so when they're faced with big life challenges, we're there to support them. Whether it's through our free counselling and employee assistance programme, emergency financial support fund, or care through serious illness, we value and support our people at every step.


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