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The information and communication solutions we design, implement, and maintain are world leading. At the forefront of communications connectivity, we know the mahi it takes to support our customers, including corporate, government and industrial organisations.

Specialising in all things ICT, we develop ongoing relationships with our customers, manufacturers, and technology partners to deliver quality, reliable and innovative ICT projects. Our focus on future tech enables us to implement cutting-edge solutions that often surpass industry standards.

Below is a selection of the solutions we offer, but ultimately every company and ICT need is individual. Our team will work with you to identify your requirements, and craft a customised solution that meets your needs.



Data Cabling | Optical Fibre

We design and build the latest network infrastructure and cabling systems.


Working with world leading manufacturers we can install all types of communications cabling and optical fibre networks. Having worked on some of the countries most technical ICT projects for mission critical organisations we have extensive commercial structured copper and optical cabling expertise, and have completed projects of every size right across the country. With specialist BTEC Certified Data Centre Designers on our team, we understand the complexities of modern data centres, and can assist you with every aspect of your data centre.

Wireless Networks, Bridging and Connectivity

With a dedicated team of wireless network designers, installers and testers, you can be sure that your critical wireless networks are secure and made to last. We have extensive experience delivering wireless technology solutions in diverse environments, including large scale manufacturing facilities, remote long distance solar-powered links, and multi-story corporate buildings and campuses.

Nurse Call Systems


Cablenet provides Nurse Call systems and are found in hospitals and aged care facilities, places where patients are at their most vulnerable, such as beside their bed and in the bathroom. It allows patients in health care settings to alert a nurse or other health care staff member remotely of their need for help.  When the button is pressed, a signal alerts staff at the nurse's station, and usually, a nurse or nurse assistant responds to such a call.  Some systems also allow the patient to speak directly to the staffer; others simply beep or buzz at the station, requiring a staffer to actually visit the patient's room to determine the patient's needs.

The call button provides the following benefits to patients:

  • Enables a patient who is confined to bed and has no other way of communicating with staff to alert a nurse of the need for any type of assistance

  • Enables a patient who is able to get out of bed, but for whom this may be hazardous, exhausting, or otherwise difficult to alert a nurse of the need for any type of assistance

  • Provides the patient an increased sense of security

The call button can also be used by a health care staff member already with the patient to call for another when such assistance is needed, or by visitors to call for help on behalf of the patient.

Our experienced team can work with you to design a solution suited to your needs.

Closed Circuit Television Systems and Monitoring

Our HCSA qualified engineers design, build and install IP camera systems based on customer’s requirements. This can range from premises surveillance and security monitoring, to customer analytics. Additionally, with H&S compliance becoming critical, visually recording that staff and contractors are following correct procedures is a new use of this technology.


Our specialist camera design team has extensive experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of large scale IP security camera systems for sites ranging from bulk goods distribution centers to nationwide branch networks. No site is too big or too small for our team - contact us today if we can assist with you with monitoring your premises.


We also maintain and manage all systems installed by us, 24/7 nationwide. Cablenet's CCTV engineers are fully certified, allowing our clients access the worlds leading IP camera manufacturers.   We also have the ability to support your existing CCTV systems, including major brands such as Bosch, Axis, TruVision, Dahua and Ubiquiti Unifi Video.

Audio Visual Systems

For all of your commercial AV requirements big or small look no further. Cablenet can provide end to end design, installation and support for all of your AV requirements keeping you up to speed with the latest technology in an ever changing environment.  We ensure that your systems are easy to use, reliable and are of a trusted quality.  Some of the solutions we can provide are:

  • MATV

  • AV Racks

  • Projectors / Monitors / Drop Down Screens

  • 100 Volt / PA Systems; IP and Analogue

  • Hearing Aid Loops

  • Board Rooms / Lecture Rooms

Moves Adds & Changes

Cablenet are able to provide turn key solutions for all of your moves, adds and change requirements.

What is that you ask? We provide our current customers with turn key solutions for works such as moving tenancy, desk shifts, addition of single or double outlets, repatching, cabinet tidy ups, server upgrades, switch upgrades etc. For your one stop shop then look no further as we can also pack the desks and move these along with any technology hardware needing to be shifted with no fuss.

ICT Project Management

With experienced copper and optical network infrastructure designers and qualified data technicians, we can design, build, and manage any ICT project. We’ll ensure that your ICT platform installed by us today, will continue to meet the evolving communications technology requirements of your organisation tomorrow.



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